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Spark Up

the conversation. yourself.

Following the pandemic, many of us saw a shift in our face-to-face communication skills. For nearly two years, we had to heavily rely on online tools to talk with our friends, classmates and family. Consequently, getting back to normal was not easy, some of us even realized they felt better and safer behind the screen.


This phenomenon inspired this project's brief. The point is not to say all online communication is bad and should be avoided at all costs. Instead, I want to emphasize the importance of offline interaction for our mental well-being. In addition, it is important to know that starting the conversation should be our own initiative, there is no magic solution that will solve all our communication problems.


One of the outcomes of the project is a video, which has the primary task of capturing the viewer's attention and engaging them in the matter. The storyline offers a look into the future, where people are unable to properly communicate without using a special pill. The tone of the voice is rather sarcastic and the entire plot feels staged in order to evoke emotions in the audience.

Download your own guide to conversation initiation

Moreover, I created a "pill" packaging with the project's tagline. The package insert in the box contains information on the importance of face-to-face contact as well as some practical tips on how to start a conversation. In addition, there is a QR code linked to a website that discusses the project further and allows the download of an extended version of the package insert.

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