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Home survival book

In this project I decided to redesign a DIY book that was published in 1964. Since this book lacked functionality - especially clear organization of sections etc., I focused mainly on this aspect during my creative process.


Firstly, I divided the single book into 4 separate books - each book for one section. These sections differ by their colours. Each book is further divided into three levels of difficulty that is labeled by the number of squares in the corner of the page. The content of each book is always located on the back cover, so there is no need to open the book for looking into the contents. 


All four books are stored in one sleeve that has the colours of all sections labeled at the back cover as well in order to make the selection of the right book easier. The binding of the books is flexible, so it can be comfortably folded if needed. Also since each book is very thin, it is easy to carry it around and use it. 

Illustrations created for the book series.

Icons used for listing the tools.

Sleeve for the books and icons designed for each section. The icons are placed on the spine of the sleeve and on covers of all sections.

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