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Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Katerina.

I'm a UX designer with experience in automotive HMI. I make designs with a purpose, resonating with the audience they're meant for.


Welcome to my Live Portfolio.

My life portfolio demonstrates how I approach UX methodology in my projects. Each chapter represents a phase in the process, telling a continuous story. Using this approach, I treat the portfolio as a case study with ongoing user testing.

Chapter 1 | Problem Statement


  • clearly showing how I work and think

  • tailoring the content to what the recruiters want to see

  • choosing a relevant medium and form that represents my skills


Creating a portfolio that effectively showcases my skills in a unique way while adhering to strict NDAs from my previous job.

Target Audience


Lead Designer





  • insight into how the person thinks

  • effcient comparison of the candidate’s profile with the job requirements

  • understanding of the candidate’s expertise, focus within the field

  • quick recognition of suitable candidates for the job

  • ability to efficiently compare the job requirements with the candidate’s profile

  • assumption that the candidate could fit the company’s atmosphere


  • only project outcomes without any process

  • portfolio that does not stand out in any way

  • irrelevant work, missing fundamental parts of the process

  • significant divergence in methodology without justification


  • large chunks of text, content heavy with information

  • portfolios that do not stand out

  • too many technical terms without being able to identify the most important information

help popup_pink.png

Chapter 2 | Concept Generation

Problem and Solution


Scannability and hierarchy

Showcase of who I am and how I think


the correct methodology

Standing out/ uniqueness


Informational hierarchy, visual clarity

Thought process description, strengths show-off


UX process

Original solution/content


Visual elements, typography, white space

Graphic representation, step-by-step explanation

Research, reasoning, personas, wireframes..

Original solution/content

“Live portfolio”

aka portfolio as a case study

strong concept & personality
focus on process description

Concept Evaluation – "Live Portfolio"


Starting conversation

Efficient, problem solving in creative way

Dynamic, developing 

through feedback


Showing off my personality and strengths



Too different from a traditional portfolio structure

Does not show a range of projects

Can feel less comprehensible if not executed properly

"Trying too hard"

help popup_blue.png

Concept Definition

Live Portfolio

  • Connecting with the target audience through interactive elements of the portfolio

  • By looking through the portfolio, the person becomes part of the UX testing (the portfolio itself is the UX case study)

  • The content can be dynamic as it changes based on feedback

Chapter 3 | Structure Justification


What is the context?
What is the unique selling point?

What is the intention?
How did the characters develop?

How does this end?
Let’s continue the coversation..

Building blocks




Problem statement



Structure justification

Inside the prototype


Concept generation


Call to action

help popup_green.png

Navigation Comparison

Horizontal menu

Vertical menu

  • Works well for a more complex website

  • Sticky - stays visible during scrolling

  • Allows more space for the actual content on the page

  • Works well for a single-page design

  • Sticky - stays visible during scrolling

  • Emphasises that the chapters of the website follow up - opening a new one through scrolling


Wireframe Sneak Peeks

1. Structure draft

portfolio plan.png
  • drafting the content of individual chapters and sections

  • deciding on the main message

2. Lo-fi wireframe

  • basic layout and structure of information

3. Hi-fi proposal

Desktop - 15.png
  • adding visual elements, typography, colour

4. Hi-fi iteration

Desktop - 16.png
  • adjusting the layout of the building blocks to emphasize the connection between both displayed elements

Color palette

Each section is assigned a distinct colour for improved understanding.

Chapter 4 | Inside the Prototype

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the creation of this portfolio.

Together, we've travelled through the development process, arriving at the testing phase. Your feedback is invaluable and offers you a chance to contribute to the testing of this portfolio.

I would be happy to discuss your impressions in person.

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