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My name is Kateřina and I am a graphic designer specializing in visual communication, editorial design, and packaging.


Following the pandemic, many of us saw a shift in our face-to-face communication skills. For nearly two years, we had to heavily rely on online tools to talk with our friends, classmates and family. Consequently, getting back to normal was not easy, some of us even realized they felt better and safer behind the screen.


The independent magazine AGORA provides a space for creative young individuals from various backgrounds. In a team of three we worked on a number of layouts within the last issue.


This proposal addresses the "play gap" created by the child's learning disability. Based on thorough primary and secondary research, I have developed a prototype of a game that meets the needs of dyslexic children (structured, easy to understand, illustration-based) and can be played individually or in a group setting.

strainer fin322_edited.jpg

This loose tea and strainer packaging is supposed to evoke a relaxing feeling and emphasise the pleasure of drinking the tea. The concept is inspired by the shape of the strainer that reminds us of the shape of a planet.


In this project I decided to redesign a DIY book that was published in 1964. Since this book lacked functionality  – especially clear organization of sections etc., I focused mainly on this aspect during my creative process.

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